Jarred Utt
Jarred Utt
Jarred is a Technical Lead at ADB Safegate, where he leads the development of the Intelligent Apron suite of products, which are aimed to increase the performance and safety of airport operations, while lowering the environmental effect aviation has on the world. Originally from the US, he is now based in Malmö Sweden where he serves as a mentor to multiple teams across Europe, and is passionate about solving complex problems while teaching others along the way.
JSNation 2024JSNation 2024
Microfrontends in Safety Critical Aviation Systems
Are you being asked to create more frequent release with higher quality, but the team in the other office is constantly breaking your features? Microfrontends might be the answer for you! During this flight, we will fly over the pros and cons of microservices and frontend architectures, navigate the turbulent airs of migrating products to new architecture, and finally land at our destination of scalable software.