Jani Eväkallio
Jani Eväkallio
Jani Eväkallio is a full-stack software engineer living the startup life in London. He does not work for Cloudflare, he’s just excited about some of the stuff they build.
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
31 min
Durable Objects - Everything Everywhere All At Once For Not Very Much Money
Cloudflare's Durable Objects are a new JavaScript runtime that makes building stateful, on-demand backend servers on the edge as easy and cheap as serverless functions. By colocating compute and state, Durable Objects melt complexity at scale, and allow you to focus on building your product.In this fast-paced talk we'll live code a real-time backend from scratch, show how Durable Objects work, and explore how you can apply this versatile tool to a wide range of everyday engineering problems.