Jamal Sinclair O'Garro
Jamal Sinclair O'Garro
Jamal Sinclair O’Garro is a senior software engineer at Netflix that has a keen eye for product design and is able to not only architect systems but can also handle design from a UX and "look and feel" perspective. Before Netflix, he single handedly designed and architected over 15 production desktop applications both for Citadel and Citadel Securities. Some of these systems process billions of dollars of orders and trades daily. Jamal is a published author, is heavily involved in the tech scene and runs two of New York City's largest tech meetups (~14,000 members combined). He has also had the honor of being invited to speak about technology, and diversity at the White House, United Nations, New York University, Columbia University and Harvard Business School. Jamal has also been featured or quoted in Fortune, Forbes, TechCrunch, CNN/Money and Black Enterprise and has taught web development at Columbia University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.
DevOps.js Conf 2024DevOps.js Conf 2024
10 min
Spinnaker as a Continuous Delivery Solution for JavaScript Apps
Spinnaker is an open-source continuous delivery platform that provides application management and deployment to help engineering teams confidently release software changes at a high velocity. It was initially developed at Netflix and is now used by many large-scale engineering teams. In this talk, we will explore how we can leverage it to deploy JavaScript applications to multiple cloud providers in a repeatable and scalable fashion while taking advantage of its robust feature set.