Jaap Brasser
Jaap Brasser
I'm a Developer Advocate at Codium where I geek out over generative AI, automation, and the magic of scripting. When I'm not advocating, I'm usually elbow-deep in API adventures, because who needs free time when there's APIs that fail to do what I want them to do..
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
Dec 7, 14:40
Code coverage with AI
In this lightning demo I will showcase how Codium, a cutting-edge generative AI tool, is revolutionizing code integrity. We will demonstrate Codium's ability to generate useful Mocha tests, taken from a public repository and highlight the seamless integration. You can see Codium as it transforms complex test scenarios into actionable insights, propelling code coverage forward. Join us for an insightful peek into the future of automated testing where speed meets quality!