Ioana Teleanu
Ioana Teleanu
Ioana Teleanu is an experienced design leader specializing in AI-powered products. Currently, she is the Lead Product Designer for AI at Miro. Previously, she worked at UiPath on a product called Clipboard AI, which was granted Time Magazine's 'Best Invention of 2023' award. Before that, she contributed to multiple products within UiPath and ING Bank and provided consulting and design services for several early-stage startups worldwide. She's the creator and instructor of one of the most successful courses on AI for Designers, in partnership with the Interaction Design Foundation. As a seasoned design educator, she has launched courses with Domestika as well as her own design bootcamp, all while mentoring and sharing her insights as a designer within her community, UX Goodies. Through the UX Goodies channels, which together have over 300,000 followers, and her podcast, Honest UX Talks, Ioana strives to deliver value to her audience. She focuses on teaching designers how to prepare for the AI revolution and remain competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.
C3 Dev Festival 2024C3 Dev Festival 2024
Jun 14, 22:00
AI + UX: Product Design for Intelligent Experiences
The unfolding AI revolution presents us with unique opportunities, challenges and responsibilities for designing our future. Learn how to exercise your critical thinking skills when it comes to integrating AI in your design craft, and how to build a solid ethical mindset around making design decisions in the Age of AI. Guided by Ioana Teleanu, the Lead Product Designer for AI at Miro, we'll explore the main themes that we need to reflect on as designers participating in shaping the future of humanity.