Glen Maddern
Glen Maddern
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DevOps.js Conf 2021DevOps.js Conf 2021
32 min
The Rise of the Dynamic Edge
Over the last few years, the JS web app community has seen a growing awareness and focus on performance & scalability. The days when prominent production sites serve entirely-blank pages waiting on monolithic bundles of megates of JavaScript are (mostly!) behind us.A big part of that has been deeper integration with CDNs, after all, round-trip latency is one of the primary determiners of performance for a global audience. But frameworks, and the companies that support them, have different approaches to how they can be used, and the operational complexities their strategies introduce have real consequences.But what if, instead of a dynamic origin sending instructions to a static CDN, you could run your application directly on the edge? As it turns out, that doesn't just improve performance, it also vastly simplifies our deployment and maintenance lives too.