Giulio Zausa‮
Giulio Zausa‮
Giulio is an Italian software engineer working at Flux and contributing to open source with Poimandres. He's deeply passionate about pushing the web platform to its limits, building things like custom React reconcilers, real-time computer vision on Web Workers and flex layout engines for THREE.js.
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
How Much RAM Is Your UseMemo Using? Let’s Profile It!
Memoize all the things!, is what most React guides will tell you, explaining how its memory cost is negligible compared to its performance benefits, but has anyone actually ever measured it? What about doing it in a complex React application with several thousands components? Turns out getting that answer is not simple at all, and requires delving into the complex world of Chrome Memory Profiling. This talk will explore the basics of heap profiling, moving on to more advanced tools and techniques for analysing memory usage in your React application, including how to profile it in your CI pipeline and answer your own optimisation questions by writing custom heap analyzers.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
21 min
Scaling React-Three-Fiber Applications beyond the Hello World
A lot of recent talks at other conferences have talked about how to start using React and THREE.js to create 3D experiences on the web. In my career I've built several complex applications using those technologies, including a big Figma-like 3D editor, and I've learnt a lot of patterns and tricks on how to make it actually fast and scalable. Unfortunately, though, nobody is also talking about those tricks an what it really takes to build an rendering engine similar to the one that Figma uses.
My goal with this talk is to give people an overview of the challenges that may arise when you try scaling your application, and what are some lesser known tricks to overcome them: instancing, memory usage reduction techniques, SDF-based text rendering, GPGPU and tree data structures. Everything of course done with Javascript, React and THREE.js.