Elisa Heikura
Elisa Heikura
I work with organisations, teams and individuals. I teach, preach and coach. I’m deeply in love with teamwork, empathy, collective intelligence and helping people understand themselves and each other better. These three are my main topics at the moment: 1. Teamwork needs work Team is the most important unit of work. If the team has collective intelligence, it’ll outsmart and outperform heroic geniuses easily. So what are outstanding teams made of? 2. Why don’t they get me? Successful communication, interaction and teamwork require that we understand ourselves and each other. 3. The next most important skill to learn Receiving feedback well is a necessary life skill and the one who can turn feedback into growth will be better off than the rest.
React Finland 2021React Finland 2021
28 min
The future of work is enjoyable
We’re generally afraid of the future. Not only is it unknown, but there’s quite a lot of reasons to believe we’re practically doomed. And it doesn’t help that we’re negatively wired nature, programmed to look out for risks more than search for rewards. Developers especially so.
So with this speech, I want to paint another picture for you. I genuinely believe, the future of work is enjoyable and definitely worth pursuing. And you can have that. Right after this speech.