Eddie Jaoude
Eddie Jaoude
Eddie is an Open Source fullstack and DevRel expert, with experience in Javascript, Typescript, SQL, NoSQL, automation testing and DevOps. The foundation of Eddie's tech ethos is Open Source, as there is something in it for everyone. Eddie founded the EddieHub community to foster collaboration, communication and career development. Eddie received the GitHub Star of the Year 2020 Award, GitHub Community Growth Award 2021 and GitHub Teacher of the Year Award 2022.
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
28 min
How MDX is a game changer for your React Project's Documentation
Documentation is essential to any project and it can really "make it or break it".  However documentation is time consuming to draft and can sometimes be forgotten, or updates and amendments to it left behind as the project moves forward.  Additionally, creating your documentation with Markdown has its limitations, so you may not end up with the result you want or that your contributor needs. 
By using MDX you can combine Markdown with code and integrate it into your React project.  Documentation becomes a more streamlined and efficient process and dare I say it...fun.