Cristhian Motoche
Cristhian Motoche
I'm Cristhian Motoche, a software developer at Stack Builders. I have worked for about 6 years on different projects and I have faced different challenges using many programming languages such as: Haskell, Python, TypeScript, R, Elm, PowerQuery, etc. I love to learn new things and review the potential of programming languages. I’m very into functional programming and type-driven development. Apart from that, I like to develop other skills like drawing, playing the guitar, learning Japanese, etc.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
8 min
Making Impossible States with fp-ts and TypeScript in a React Application
Types and Functional Programming are a great combination to get feedback quickly about types that don't make sense and compose functionality to get a desired result. fp-ts is a very powerful library that provides the tools to work with types and functional programming in an outstanding way. Let’s see it in action in a React Application to make it more type safe and composable by defining impossible states that will reduce the possibility of edge cases in our application.