Christian Stuff
Christian Stuff
Christian is an experienced, hands-on frontend developer with a history dating back to the days of table-based layouts and using background images for rounded corners. He's worked with clients of varying industries and sizes. He's been with Daily since early 2020, working on Daily Prebuilt, Daily’s ready-to-go embeddable solution for video calls of all sizes, and Daily React, Daily’s React library for building audio and video in React apps.
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
10 min
React(ing) to WebRTC: Build Better Audio and Video Experiences with Daily React
What is WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), its main challenges, and how does the combination of React + Daily solve for them? We'll take a deep dive into specifics like React audio and video media elements and Daily React components and hooks. You'll even walk (or code?) out knowing how to build a video grid in just two minutes.