Christian Heilmann
Christian Heilmann
Chris is a highly skilled Front End Architect, Manager and Team Lead with over 25 years of experience in web technologies. He has a passion for breaking down complex technical concepts and presenting them in an understandable format to various audiences. He is excited about the potential of Machine Learning/AI in the creation and development space, and he works closely with different parts of the company to integrate these technologies into our work. Chris has been working across organisations and locales for over 15 years, leading teams and communicating across departments in the US, UK, China and India. He is the author of the Developer Advocacy Handbook, continuously updated since 2006 and the first JavaScript book to cover AJAX. He is a freelance writer for the German IT portal Golem and various online magazines He published videos for Visual Studio Code, helping them reach their 200k follower numbers on YouTube and breaking the 1.4M views barrier on TikTok for one video.
C3 Dev Festival 2024C3 Dev Festival 2024
Jun 14, 22:00
35 Years of WWW: Working as a Content Creator, Designer and Developer With the Coolest Medium Ever
Back in the late 90s, I worked as a radio newscaster and used computers as a hobby. First writing pretty pointless programs, then playing games, being bad at them and analysing the games how to give myself endless lives. Then I got access to the web and everything changed. I knew, this was the medium to support for the rest of my career. Here is a recount of 25 years of professional web development. The technologies that came and went, the struggles to get the resources I need and the wonderful, wild and bonkers things and people I encountered. And you also get an outlook why some products and technologies succeeded and why others failed.