Carly Litchfield
Carly Litchfield
Carly is a software engineer at Galileo in New York City, working to improve healthcare. Previously she's worked at Haven and Zocdoc. Carly especially enjoys working with React and React Native, and has a passion for automated testing. When she's not coding you can find her skiing, hiking, or trying local beers.
TestJS Summit - January, 2021TestJS Summit - January, 2021
8 min
Get Testing out of your Tech Debt
Technical debt and testing have a long and entangled history. Across many organizations, teams struggle to define “technical debt” and what should fall into the “tech debt” bucket. Testing commonly suffers the fate of being categorized as tech debt, and consequently isn’t prioritized. Defining tech debt, and even rebranding it, can help your team to prioritize testing and reduce the negative stigma around tech debt.