Çağatay Çivici
Çağatay Çivici
Creator of PrimeVue at PrimeTek, the team behind the popular open-source UI libraries. As a Vue enthusiast, he has been working on contributing a top-notch UI library for the Vue Ecosystem.
Vue.js Live 2024Vue.js Live 2024
PrimeVue | The Next-Gen UI Component Library
PrimeVue is a popular UI Component library for Vue 3 featuring over 80 components,  unstyled mode with Tailwind CSS presets, pass-through properties, design-agnostic theming, icons, blocks, and templates.PrimeVue is one of the most popular UI libraries in the Vue ecosystem. The talk begins with an overview of the feature set and dives into the detail for each of the content points below; - Overview- Best Practices of UI Component Development- Component Suite- Pass Through API- Design Agnostic Theming- Unstyled Mode- Tailwind CSS Presets- Icons/Blocks/Templates- Figma to Theme Generation- Roadmap