Brooks Lybrand
Brooks Lybrand
I'm a Web Developer who specializes in building highly interactive, data-rich React applications. I've worked across the entire stack, and especially excel at creating tools that seamlessly connect users to data and models that make their lives easier and better.
React Summit 2024React Summit 2024
Jun 13, 22:00
Remix — The New Create React App
Create React App (CRA) was a game changer in garnering React adoption. Prior to the release of CRA, the experience of setting up a React app was more about configuring webpack than it was actually writing React code.Now that the React docs no longer list CRA as a suggestion on the “Start a New React Project” page, and additionally recommend you pick a React-powered framework, the getting started experience is once again fragmented.CRA was never meant to be how you built a full-featured React app anyway. It was a starting point, and a really good one. Inevitably many developers (such as myself) used CRA to build websites, and lots of them. However, a lot more goes into building a website than just using a “library for web and native user interfaces” — you need to handle routing, data fetching and mutations, styling, and a whole lot more.I believe Remix is the best framework available for taking up this mantle. Built on top of React Router, the most widely used routing solution in the React ecosystem, powered by Vite, and now with an option to build pure SPAs (like CRA), Remix is well poised as the best starting point to start React apps of all varieties.In this talk I plan to show the story of how Remix has evolved into the CRA replacement, how you can easily migrate from a CRA or React Router project, and how Remix will bring you into the future of React.