Bradley Farias
Bradley Farias
Bradley Farias has been in the Node.js community as a contributor, TC39 as a member, given workshops on Node.js, and worked on OSS projects as well. He is actively interested in pushing programmer experience APIs for developer tools. He is currently invested in security tooling and experiences which involves not just research into attacks but how to make programmers' experience with security more enjoyable.
Node Congress 2023Node Congress 2023
8 min
Supply Chain Security Experience
Developers are flooded with tools and worries provided by security vendors. From researchers finding theoretical attacks, to time spent dealing with package updates, to simple accidents causing downtime all of these exist. Taking some history into account to understand the basic categories of attacks and how practical they are to exploit or even how common they are will give some assurance and guidance on where a developer can focus their limited energy and get the most out of their efforts.