Ashwin Vinay Phadke
Ashwin Vinay Phadke
Ashwin has 3+ years of experience with machine learning and building applications around it. He has in past worked at man startups eventually moving to big tech and mid sized companies and have helped build teams from ground up. He regularly guides and advises pre seed startups to help them develop their product and guide them as a mentor. He believes he still has much to learn everytime he gets to know something new and values sharing his knoweldge at events and meetups.
Vue.js Live 2024Vue.js Live 2024
Learning To Learn : How To Web Dev The Right Way With Vue If You Are A Beginner
It is not common that people trying to break in to web dev literally learn to start from HTML/CSS or "create xyz" workflows where 25 files pop up all of a sudden after you run one command and there's no way to comprehend what just happened. Learning should be crafted and tuned to one's way of learning else we are all just dogs pretending to be sheep in a horse stable(literally not absurd at all). We will explore how I went from oh marquee is cool(it still is,believe me) to being a person that could build web apps with people having web dev experience equal to my age. I'll share my learnings, findings, lessons, how to and especially what to learn and most importantly where do I start (the most common beginner question) and why mentorship is important.We'll talk about (in no specific order)- How and why(like really why) to start learning;- Choosing the right speed and mentor;- Choosing the right framework(welp, this is gonna turn heads) and why this matters and why it should be Vue;- Struggles and lessons learned(Rome, built, one day sorts...);- What you should know before you really decide now based on above experiences about getting into this wibbly wobbly web stuff.