Anthony Shew
Anthony Shew
Anthony is Turbo DX at Vercel, helping developers build faster workflows using Turborepo and Turbopack. He loves helping individuals and teams at all scales succeed, teaching monorepos, and thinking about the future of CI/CD. He used to play professional baseball but now he's a full-stack comedian. For more on Anthony, visit.
DevOps.js Conf 2024DevOps.js Conf 2024
21 min
Ship Your UI Faster With Turborepo
Iteration velocity is the key to unlocking the potential of your technical teams and business. In this talk, we'll build the groundwork for a highly scalable monorepo using Turborepo and talk about the philosophies behind architecting codebases for teams of all scales. Through the power of Remote Caching, we'll never do the same work twice and we'll deliver your applications at the speed of Turbo.