Andrew Hao
Andrew Hao
Andrew is a Staff Engineer at Lyft, where he builds products for Lyft's riders. When it comes to engineering, he's especially passionate about Web performance, machine learning and systems design. When it comes to people, he loves learning about what makes people tick and building high performing teams. In a prior life, he was a Principal Engineer at Carbon Five and an Engineering Manager at Blurb Books. He lives in Oakland with his family where he spends his free time running the streets and trails, dreaming about the day we'll be able to race in person. Online, he writes at
React Summit Remote Edition 2021React Summit Remote Edition 2021
34 min
Platform-powered: Building a Frontend Platform to Scale as Fast as You Do 🚀
In 2019, our frontend engineers were asking hard questions about the future of our frontend build system. As new engineering teams continued to spin up new frontend microservices, our custom-built platform grew increasingly fragmented. This led to more headaches for our teams, who were struggling to keep up with maintenance patches and security updates. What could we do to get ourselves out of this mess?
Come join us as we discuss how we built a new platform with Next.js at its core to solve the challenges we faced. With the momentum of the Next.js community, we were able to extend this framework with a unique plugin architecture that allowed our engineers to hot-swap new packages and tools while allowing us to upgrade entire swaths of the stack at once. At the same time, we've multiplied the productivity (and happiness) of every frontend engineer at Lyft. We'll end with some great things to share that can be taken with you to address the challenges you face scaling your own frontend platforms!