André Eriksson
André Eriksson
André is the founder and CEO of Encore, a backend development platform tool designed to free developers from the maze of complexity. He was previously a Staff Engineer at Spotify, and when he's not coding he takes care of an adorable puppy named Salvador.
DevOps.js Conf 2024DevOps.js Conf 2024
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Declarative Infrastructure: Rethinking Cloud Native for JS
In this talk we uncover what Declarative Infrastructure means, and how it can work in TypeScript to naturally express higher-level distributed systems concepts (such as backend services, API calls, database queries, Pub/Sub messaging, caching and more), through the power of static analysis and code generation.The outcome is a fully reimagined DevOps process, with automatic infrastructure provisioning and built-in observability, that deploys straight to your own cloud.
Table of contents:- Introduction- Evolution of backend development, from servers to today's cloud-native world powered by DevOps and GitOps- What is Cloud Native, and how do we build modern backend applications? (Showing a microservices architecture powered by Express.js and Terraform)- What is Declarative Infrastructure? What does the space look like?- What problems does it solve compared to traditional DevOps practices?- How does it relate to Terraform/AWS CDK for infrastructure provisioning?- What are the downsides?- Building a Cloud Native backend with Declarative Infrastructure