Amy Dutton
Amy Dutton
Amy has over 22+ years of web experience and have expertise in product design, frontend, and backend development. She's developed multiple technology courses and written curriculum for the University of Florida, in their Master’s program. She has spoken at conferences around the world about full stack development. Her podcast, supports thousands of developers with design and engineering tips. She has built hundreds of websites and products for enterprise companies, startups, and even major recording artists. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, 3 adorable children, and 2 dogs.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
160 min
The Gateway to Backend: A Frontend Developer's Guide to Full-Stack Development
This workshop will guide you through the product development life cycle of creating a real-world web application. You will learn about React Server Components, building a design system within Storybook, and using frontend development to approach becoming a full-stack developer. The workshop will cover increasing confidence in your application with unit tests and implementing authentication and authorization. You'll have the opportunity to work through product features and examine a real-world RedwoodJS project, gaining valuable experience in real-world product development. RedwoodJS makes it simple to approach full-stack development, and this workshop will give you the skills you need to create your own real-world web applications.