Alex Trost
Alex Trost
Alex is a teacher who wants to make learning web development easier and more fun for everyone. He’s working on the Developer Experience team at Prismic to make building React sites with a powerful backend easier than ever. Working in the JAMStack with any React framework is where Alex is happiest. He also teaches creative coding techniques on his site, Frontend Horse.
React Summit Remote Edition 2021React Summit Remote Edition 2021
9 min
Streamlining the Component Creation Process
React helped popularize the use of components to develop websites and apps. It’s a fantastic philosophy, but while components have made our websites better, the workflow for creating components hasn’t improved much. Let’s get rid of the tedious parts like wiring your components to your CMS, and let developers focus on the important parts. With Prismic Slice Machine, we’re giving developers the best workflow for creating components. In only a few minutes we’ll create a React component, wire it to our CMS, add it to Storybook, and push the component live on our site!