Alex Lobera
Alex Lobera
Alex is an experienced engineer and decision maker with over 18 years of experience in the software industry. He is currently focused on scaling large organisations by breaking up front-end monoliths. Alex is passionate about open-source software and all things Web. Staff engineer @Miro. Co-Founder of several startups.
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
30 min
Adopting Micro-Frontends Without Micro-Frontends
Micro-frontends help break up monolithic front-end applications into independently deployable loosely-coupled apps. This architecture helps us scale projects as an organisation scales, however it's also an increase in complexity. How can we leverage this architecture without having to face its upfront cost? In this talk, I'll show some of the risks associated with micro-frontends, and what patterns and libraries we can use to benefit from this architectural style without going full-on micro-frontends.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
25 min
How Hopin is Moving 10x Faster: Microfrontends at Scale
Hopin is the fastest-growing startup in the world. Many engineers join every month. Companies with different technologies are acquired every other month. It brings many challenges to our front-end architecture. In this talk I'll explain how we're breaking up our React monoliths and enabling interoperability using multiple React trees and reactive variables.
JSNation Live 2021JSNation Live 2021
113 min
Micro Frontends with Module Federation and React
Did you ever work in a monolithic Next.js app? I did and scaling a large React app so that many teams can work simultaneously is not easy. With micro frontends you can break up a frontend monolith into smaller pieces so that each team can build and deploy independently. In this workshop you'll learn how to build large React apps that scale using micro frontends.