Adina Stoica
Adina Stoica
Adina Stoica is a full-stack software engineer at Bloomberg, where she works primarily on front-end items, both Bloomberg-specific and web. Originally from Romania, Adina moved to the United States for college. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in computer science from Bard College and her master’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis, where she specialized in computer vision. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Adina worked at Cerner Corporation (now Oracle Health). Adina is quite passionate about front-end development and improving user experience, and she tries her best to infuse this passion into her development work.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
18 min
How To Build a Chrome Extension Using React
Last year, as part of my work at Bloomberg, I was tasked with building a Chrome Extension, and persuaded my team to let me build the extension in React instead of vanilla JavaScript. This had several advantages, such as making the code more maintainable and easier to understand, as well as enabling us to use a pre-existing component library for consistent styling across the company, reducing the amount of CSS code we had to write. In my presentation, I will show you a sample Chrome Extension for personal use that I built using React and Material UI that auto-responds to emails sent in Gmail and allows you to take notes regarding the conversation. I will also share steps to build your own Chrome Extension using React, and lessons learned along the way!