Abdelrahman Awad
Abdelrahman Awad
I'm a senior frontend engineer @octopodsio based in Cairo, Egypt. I created vee-validate for Vue.js and when not working I play video games and I started to learn to play the bass.
Vue.js London Live 2021Vue.js London Live 2021
177 min
Building Vue forms with VeeValidate
In this workshop, you will learn how to use vee-validate to handle form validation, manage form values and handle submissions effectively. We will start from the basics with a simple login form all the way to using the composition API and building repeatable and multistep forms.
Table of contents:
- Introduction to vee-validate
- Building a basic form with vee-validate components
- Handling validation and form submissions
- Building validatable input components with the composition API
- Field Arrays and repeatable inputs
- Building a multistep form
VSCode setup and an empty Vite + Vue project.

Vue.js London Live 2021Vue.js London Live 2021
9 min
Progressive Form Validation in Vue.js
Forms can be hard in frontend. Whether your forms are simple or complex, they share common pain points like value tracking, user interactions, validation, and submission. We will look at how vee-validate helps you address those issues, and how to apply progressive enhancements to your forms and input components.