Aashima Ahuja
Aashima Ahuja
I am a frontend engineer working. I am a JS enthusiast. I love talking about the Web and exploring new technologies. I believe knowledge grows with sharing , so I love to spread my knowledge about frontend.
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
17 min
Zero Bundle Size Server Components
Server components is an exciting new feature introduced in React 18. It lets us leverage the fast performance of the server by offloading work behind a component to the server. Why would we want to do that? because server has direct access to data source .so fetching data, making aPI calls would be really fast on the server. The most amazing thing about RSC is that they add 0 kb to the client bundle. So not only RSC reduces the bundle-size but will also improve page load times, eventually providing better user experience. In this talk I will be talking about what react server components are, why do we need them . RSC is often confused with SSR but we will see how they are fundamentally different. We will create a small react application using server components and see the performance benefits. We will also see the challenges we might face when we use RSC in our normal react application. Finally we deep dive into React’s brain and see how things are happening under the hood.
JSNation 2022JSNation 2022
19 min
Animations with JS
Creating different animation effects like bouncing, typing with vanilla javascript. Looking at several approaches of creating animations with time based functions and Request Animation frame.