Jen Luker
Jen Luker
Jen Luker is a Sr. Frontend Engineer, conference speaker, and BookBytes podcast co-host. She has spent the majority of her career as a full-stack developer using PHP, Javascript, and CSS, but has a particular fondness for frontend technologies. She is an advocate for both accessibility, and processes that make doing the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard. When she's not exploring solutions, learning new technologies, or reading, Jen's spare time is spent spinning yarn from raw wool and knitting; she's even been known to 3D print her own tools for the job. She is also fascinated by all things space, antique cars, and IoT.
React Summit Remote Edition 2020React Summit Remote Edition 2020
12 min
Button vs Div: What's the Big Deal Anyway?
Accessibility advocates often say "use the platform," but why? In this lightning talk, I'll be showing you implementation differences between the behavior of native HTML elements and their DIV counterparts.
React Summit 2020React Summit 2020
32 min
React Accessibility: Beyond the Basics
Accessibility in React has been a hot topic in the last few years, but in this talk, we'll be going beyond the basics. We'll discuss what disability means beyond what you've heard before, and then use code examples to learn why semantic HTML is helpful, and when it's just not enough. We'll then look into tooling, and talk about how you can introduce accessibility testing into your teams and existing code. You'll leave with the tools and knowledge to make a difference starting today.