Hamza Haoui
Hamza Haoui
Hamza Haoui is a software engineer in the autonomous robotics research center TII , after some years on e-commerce SAAS startups he moved to the autonomous robotics world where they are focusing on developing cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems.
React Summit 2024React Summit 2024
React in the Autonomous Robotics Industry
Too many people are wondering what a JavaScript developer is doing in a robotics company , but In an era where the intersection of software development and robotics is rapidly expanding, it's not uncommon for JavaScript developers to find themselves in the midst of the autonomous robotics industry .During this talk I'll show some use cases of react in the robotics industry , showcasing how this versatile JavaScript library can revolutionize the way we approach robotic development from user interfaces for controlling robotic systems to VR teleoperation capabilities . Robotics often demands real-time responsiveness and efficient resource utilization we'll discuss the careful considerations and decisions we've made to ensure optimal performance. We'll delve into techniques such as virtual component memoization, and minimizing re-renders .