Senior Mindset

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Getting that senior title is easy. Just stick around. Being a true senior takes a new way of thinking.

You're a great engineer. You can code anything you need, solve every problem, google any solution. Your code is flying.

But somehow you're ... stuck. Interviewing feels rough, you pass the coding and fail the real stuff. Culture and system. At work they keep giving you stupid little problems with no growth. You crave challenge and keep tweaking CSS instead.

You want some responsibility, damn it! What's that coworker got that you don't?

Most of all you crave autonomy. The freedom to tackle big challenges and help the company with your brilliance.

They don't even see all the bad code you see! How can they live like this?? Instead of autonomy, you're getting babysat. Managers asking what you're up to, daily standups that feel like a drag, pushback and 'maybe someday' on every idea that you give.

I was like that a few years ago. A totally senior engineer who keeps running into walls and getting stuck.

Now even bigger companies trust me with designing systems and leading teams on projects that could make or break the company.

In this workshop you'll learn what changed and how to apply the Senior Mindset to your work and career:

- How to gain autonomy

- Inspire trust

- Own large projects

- Get freedom to experiment

- Have your ideas heard

- Think like an expert

- Become a decision-making peer, not a pair of hands

You'll work on case studies, analyze anecdotes, discuss insightful books, and look at your work and career in a new light.

Swizec Teller
Swizec Teller
14 Jun, 2024