Michael Zion
Michael Zion
Helping startups outperform their competitors (using DevOps). Programming since the age of 12 (with breaks here and there, don’t worry). Operating high-scale systems since 18, and obsessed with DevOps since 20. Exploring new ways for startups to enjoy DevOps, and writing about it on my website. Occasionally playing guitar in jam sessions, and eating sandwiches in a different kind of jam sessions.
DevOps.js Conf 2024DevOps.js Conf 2024
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Scaling up e2e testing envs with Pulumi Typescript on AWS
The goal of the workshop is to lay out guidelines for scaling up organizations that wish to continue creating e2e testing envs in a way that’s still fast and cost-effective. We’ll focus on achieving that with a Pulumi Typescript project. We’ll take an existing pulumi typescript project, and break it into 2 parts, in such a way that’ll enable deploying multiple envs on the same base.
Table of contents:- Show the time and cost it takes to provision a full vpc-eks-helm environment- Show the time and cost it takes to provision a full env per PullRequest for e2e testing- Show the estimated savings in time and costs following a split of shared resources and env-specific resources- ⁠Provide a full pulumi ts env repo they can fork- Task them with splitting it into two parts- ⁠Provide guidelines to do the split efficiently- Calculate the time and costs saved- ⁠Express joy that you joined the workshop