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DevOps, Agile/Scrum and Continuous Delivery coach especially within enterprise organizations. Improving people, processes and techniques is what I constantly do. In the end it's the results that matter!
The Mind Game
TechLead Conference 2023TechLead Conference 2023
The Mind Game
Welcome to unique gamified workshop!
INCREMENTUM. An interactive serious game where you experience and recognize a fixed and a growth mindset.
What is a:
fixed Mindset? I'm either good at something or I'm not.
growth Mindset? I can improve my skills with effort and practice.
Learn your moments of fixed and growth mindset by playing INCREMENTUM. Besides playing, the trainer will tell you about a fixed and growth mindset by using the process model Theory U and guides you through this model step by step. In this way you will be able to translate the learnings of game the to your own context.
So come and play INCREMENTUM, let the game do its work and get shaken by it!