Kitze loves to rant about webdev. He is the founder of founded Sizzy - the browser for developers. He created React Academy to teach web development. He's the creator of Zero To Shipped - the interactive video course for mastering Fullstack Development. He's documenting his journey on YouTube, steams on Twitch and has a blog that he maintains one in a blue moon. He made Benji, Twizzy,, JSUI, Glink, showGPT and etc.
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
GitHub Stars Won't Pay Your Rent
Kitze shares his journey as the founder of Sizzy, from an open-source project to a paid product. He talks about the challenges he faced, tough decisions he made, and his struggle with an existential crisis. Attendees will gain insight into the complexities of building a successful product and the importance of self-care.