Jason Santos
Jason Santos
Jason Santos is a Senior Solution Architect at Rangle.io, where he is responsible for mentoring teams, understanding problems, finding solutions, and providing technical expertise to different projects. In the few years he has been at Rangle, he was able to contribute to the success of large projects in the Banking, Healthcare and Electronic Payment spaces, helping shape Enterprise architecture, leading teams and implementing full stack solutions using NodeJS microservices and cloud-native technologies, as well as both Angular and React. He brings with him 30 years of experience in building software across multiple languages and environments, from embedded software to IDEs and Debugging tools -- designing and implementing software frameworks and building applications on both back-end and front-end since the late 1990s. Being a certified SAFe Agilist, Jason is a strong advocate of process improvement, DevOps and agile delivery practices; he is also passionate about knowledge sharing and mentoring other developers.
React Summit Remote Edition 2021React Summit Remote Edition 2021
32 min
Complex React Migration: New Solutions to Old Codebase Problems
In 2020, Rangle partnered with the Survey Monkey team to migrate a legacy codebase to React. Survey Monkey’s best-in-class digital products were being held back fragmentation and complexity, which created a lot of rework and wasted effort for their engineering teams. Working together, we implemented a number of process and architecture changes that cut the complexity and improved workflows, letting our blended team deliver results with speed and consistently, even early in the engagement. These were not one-size-fits-all solutions, but solves that were unique and fitted to the needs of the engineering and product teams. The success of the project was due to Survey Monkey’s motivated teams that were: 1) Ready to embrace change; 2) Able to keep a firm focus on the outcomes; and 3) Readily understood the complexity of the project.
This allowed us to co-create some non-intuitive solutions that engineers at similar enterprise-level companies should know about.