Chris Bautista
Chris Bautista
Chris is a senior software engineer at Netflix. He's also a part time host for Podrocket and a core contributor to tRPC. He started his career in mainframe programming, stumbled through backend development for 5 years, and eventually found his love for web dev. He enjoys keeping up with the latest tech news and trends via his twitter echo chamber, pretending he has knowledge on TypeScript, and exposing his true programming skill on Twitch (he has none). He also loves teaching others and being a helpful resource within his community.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
Making Typesafe APIs Easy with tRPC
tRPC allows you to easily build
consume fully typesafe APIs without schemas or code generation.
As TypeScript and static typing increasingly becomes a best practice in web development, API contracts present a major pain point. We need better ways to statically type our API endpoints and share those types between our client and server (or server-to-server). We set out to build a simple library for building typesafe APIs that leverages the full power of modern TypeScript.