Tom Papiernik
Tom Papiernik
As a developer advocate and technical writer at Buddy, Tom takes his love for communication and passion for technology and uses them to break down complex ideas into bites that everyone can swallow. Having worked directly on open-source projects, he is equally passionate about the front and the back-end - be it React, Go, or Kubernetes. In his spare time, he's a guitar-wielding amateur musician who dreams of recording a platinum album.
JSNation Live 2021JSNation Live 2021
164 min
DevOps 2.0: The ultimate JS delivery pipeline
Buddy is a CI/CD tool that lowers the entry threshold to DevOps simplifying pipeline configuration to bare minimum, enabling teams to embrace CI/CD with no dedicated engineers. During the presentation, we will show you how to create a fully functional JavaScript pipeline and adapt it to the workflow in your company in a couple of minutes. We are going to put special emphasis on features that help secure code quality, share some tricks that speed up the deployment (trigger conditions, cache, Docker, changeset deployments, parallelization), and show you how to preview deployed websites with no server infrastructure using Sandboxes – a unique feature of Buddy.
Prerequisites:Code , Git installedGitHub account