Mark Wubben
Mark Wubben
Hi! I’m a humanist & technologist who loves working with the web. I build products, often involving a heavy dose of backend Node.js services. Having confidence that these services work as designed allows me to iterate faster and provide value. So, good thing then I’m also the core maintainer of AVA, the Node.js test runner that lets you develop with confidence.
TestJS Summit - January, 2021TestJS Summit - January, 2021
25 min
It’s not about your Assertion Library
I’ll be the first to admit: writing tests? Not all that much fun! And that’s coming from somebody who maintains a test runner in their spare time.
Once you have some tests though, you can have confidence. And once you have confidence, you can make changes. And changes are what’s needed to build awesome products.
So let’s not talk about API details, let’s talk about getting testing done. About being better engineers. About building awesome products.