Lee Rowlands
Lee Rowlands
Lee (larowlan) has been a major contributor to Drupal (🙀) for over 12 years. Lee is a Drupal core Framework manager, member of the Drupal security team and is passionate about code quality. More recently he has turned his focus to JavaScript, most notably React, Gatsby and Next.js, with Drupal's move to being a headless-first CMS. Lee was one of the primary architects of Drupal's testing architecture and champions automated testing and build processes. Lee has worked on several of Australia's largest websites during his 9 years as a Senior Developer with one of Australia's most trusted agencies: PreviousNext.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
7 min
Avoiding CSRF with Remix
Remix 'Data Writes' go back to the basics of the web when it comes to form submissions. But therein lies a trap if you're not careful - Cross site request forgery (CSRF) can rear its head. In this session we'll explore what CSRF is. How it can be exploited and what you can do to make sure your Remix application isn't vulnerable.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
19 min
React Server Components - Under the Hood
A look behind the scenes of how React server components work.In this session we'll take a look at React server components looking at:- the basic concepts behind them- the type of data communicated between the client and server- how this data is built- a look at what's running on the server side- what this might mean for future projects
React Summit Remote Edition 2021React Summit Remote Edition 2021
8 min
Draft.js, Editor.js, Slate.js: Choosing the Best Text Editor for Your React Project
Top Content
If your React project requires rich text editing functionality, there are a number of libraries to consider. In this session we'll look at the features of some of the key players so that you can help judge which is the best fit for your requirements.