Laura Silvanavičiūtė
Laura Silvanavičiūtė
Laura is a software engineer obsessed with front-end development. She is also teaching teenagers about Web Technologies. 2 years ago Laura was on the Dark side - developing with COBOL programming language on Mainframe supercomputers! Due to slow evolvement and limitations of used technologies, she decided to shift them pretty drastically. Laura believes we shouldn't stick to any specific technology in this rapidly evolving IT World, but try and use various different ones instead. Every new experience increases our creativity, knowledge, curiosity and expands mindset. Her latest discovery was music programming, and she wants to share it with us!
JSNation Live 2020JSNation Live 2020
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What Does The Angular Say? 🦊
We are very used to generating visual results with code but are still often surprised to hear that we can create music in the same way. Oh, you didn’t know that? You are not alone. Even though the idea of music programming is older than all of us this concept is still pretty unfamiliar among many developers. Not for long! Let's shed some light on music coding in our daily bases web applications using Angular.