Joren Broekema
Joren Broekema
My background is in Industrial Design where I slowly fell in love with web development and code. I have been a front-end developer for almost 3 years professionally. I also like to dabble in backend and DevOps in my spare time or when work allows for it. I have started doing more workshops and trainings since the last year, and I created a project called code-workshop-kit where I try to use a combination of tools, some of which I created myself, to make code workshops work well remotely.
JSNation Live 2021JSNation Live 2021
184 min
Web Components in Action
The workshop extends JavaScript programming language knowledge, overviews general software design patterns. It is focused on Web Components standards and technologies built on top of them, like Lit-HTML and Lit-Element. We also practice writing Web Components both with native JavaScript and using Lit-Element. In the end we overview key tooling to develop an application - open-wc.