Elad Tzemach
Elad Tzemach
Elad Tzemach is a software engineer at Veeva Systems. He is the UI Lead for SafetyAI - a product that enables companies in pharmacovigilance to automate processes using artificial intelligence. He is passionate about AI, React, the JavaScript eco-system, web architecture and new technologies.
React Summit Remote Edition 2021React Summit Remote Edition 2021
20 min
Inside Fiber: An Overview of React's Reconciliation Algorithm
With React 16.0, Facebook has released an update to the React core reconciliation algorithm which was named ""Fiber"". Fiber allows React to break the limits of the call stack and pause/start rendering work at will.
In this talk, we will explore why Fiber was necessary, cover some of the internal implementation details of Fiber, and see Fiber in action with React's experimental Concurrent Mode.