Daria Caraway
Daria Caraway
Daria is a Speaker, Scrum Master, and Software Engineer at Workday where she builds consumer-grade web experiences for the enterprise user. When not coding, Daria is often found traveling, eating good food, and traveling to eat good food.
React Summit Remote Edition 2021React Summit Remote Edition 2021
29 min
Internationalizing React
Learning 100 different languages is challenging, but architecting your React app to support 100 languages doesn't have to be. As your web application grows to a global audience, multilingual functionality becomes increasingly essential. So, how do you design your code such that it is flexible enough to include all of your international users? In this talk, we will explore what it means and what it looks like to build a React app that supports internationalization (i18n). You will learn several different strategies for locale-proofing your application with React contexts and custom hooks.