#graphql mesh

GraphQL Mesh is a library that allows developers to connect and query data from multiple GraphQL sources in a unified way. It simplifies the process of connecting to different GraphQL endpoints, resolving conflicts between them, and merging their results into a single response. This makes it easier for developers to access data from multiple sources within one application, without needing to manually write complex resolvers or manage multiple connections.
GraphQL Galaxy 2021GraphQL Galaxy 2021
8 min
Performance Monitoring of a Heterogeneous GraphQL Mesh App
Today it is fairly easy to integrate GraphQL on a client and server-side and get it all up and running quickly with any cloud service of your choice like e.g. Netlify or Vercel. With this setup, how can we monitor the performance, and how observe all parts together to find any root cause in case of problems?

GraphQL Galaxy 2021GraphQL Galaxy 2021
24 min
Evaluating GraphQL for Setting Up an Enterprise-Grade Data Mesh
I'll introduce the concept of a data mesh and why people increasingly are gravitating towards that as a solution to their data (both online and analytical) and application modernization problems. I'll talk about the key requirements around 1) domain-oriented decentralized data ownership and architecture, 2) data as a product, 3) self-serve data infrastructure as a platform, and 4) federated computational governance (ref). And then I'll talk about how GraphQL opens up an opportunity for laying the foundation for a data mesh and best-practices in building, operating and maintaining an enterprise grade data mesh.

React Summit Remote Edition 2020React Summit Remote Edition 2020
15 min
GraphQL Mesh – Query Anything, Run Anywhere
In this talk I will demonstrate
the new GraphQL Mesh library 
that was recently announced. GraphQL Mesh changes a lot of the traditional ideas about GraphQL and its relationship with other API protocols.
It can automatically generate a GraphQL API from openapi/Swagger, gRPC, SOAP, oData and others without changing the source and merge them all schemas into a single schema - Schema Stitching for any source!
In this talk I will share some of the original ideas behind it and my opinions on how the future looks for API consumption and exposure.

GraphQL Galaxy 2020GraphQL Galaxy 2020
34 min
GraphQL Anywhere - Our Journey With GraphQL Mesh and Schema Stitching
During our work with many different clients from all shapes and sizes, The Guild had to come up with all kinds of innovative solutions to help customers achieve the most out of GraphQL and help adopt it more easily. During that talk I will mention how you could use GraphQL in places you though it wasn’t possible, share open source tools to help you and provide new perspectives about why GraphQL is a great technology.