#github actions

GitHub Actions is a feature of GitHub that allows users to automate their workflow. It provides a way to create custom software development life cycle (SDLC) workflows directly in a GitHub repository. With Actions, users can set up an automated system of triggers and actions that will run when certain events occur within the repository. This makes it easier to automate tasks such as running tests, building code, deploying applications, and more.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
19 min
Automating All the Code & Testing Things with GitHub Actions
Code tasks like linting and testing are critical pieces of a developer’s workflow that help keep us sane like preventing syntax or style issues and hardening our core business logic. We’ll talk about how we can use GitHub Actions to automate these tasks and help keep our projects running smoothly.

DevOps.js Conf 2021DevOps.js Conf 2021
32 min
GitHub Actions for Node.js Apps
GitHub Actions offer a convenient, feature-rich solution for building CI pipelines. Actions consist of composable steps controlled YAML files checked into your code repo. Come learn how to perform tasks that are commonly required of modern Node.js codebases, such as package installation, linting, running tests as part of pull requests, building Docker images, and deploying when code is merged into the main branch.