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Build tools are programs that automate the process of creating a software application. They are used to compile source code, run tests, package applications, and deploy them into production environments. Build tools help developers save time by automating the process of building an application from its source code. In JavaScript development, build tools like Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, and Browserify can be used to automate tasks such as minifying code, running unit tests, and compiling Sass or Less files.
React Day Berlin 2022React Day Berlin 2022
86 min
Using CodeMirror to Build a JavaScript Editor with Linting and AutoComplete
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Using a library might seem easy at first glance, but how do you choose the right library? How do you upgrade an existing one? And how do you wade through the documentation to find what you want?
In this workshop, we’ll discuss all these finer points while going through a general example of building a code editor using CodeMirror in React. All while sharing some of the nuances our team learned about using this library and some problems we encountered.