Taz Singh
Taz Singh
Taz is the Founder of Guild and long time participant in communities around the world. He has over two decades of software experience ranging from video games & robotic AI to consumer application development, has served as a principal technical management consultant, and is a serial startup founder. When he's not behind his computer, he can be found chasing his cat around the house or being chased by cars around a race track.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
Wait, You're Shipping React Native to the Web?!
This talk focuses on building a production-grade consumer social application - https://guild.host . If you visit that site, would you be able to tell it's built using React Native just by looking and using it?
At a high level, Taz talks about what makes that possible and how the audience should consider application architecture.
At a lower level, Taz focuses on:
- How React's component composition model makes accommodating multiple platforms easy
- How large applications should use a Design System, and the Tamagui Design System comes with an optimizing compiler that outputs straight platform-specific code while the developer still writes high-level UI that happens to utilize React Native's components
- How to Server-Side Render a React Native Web application, and what considerations Guild made when choosing to create a custom SSR engine on top of Cloudflare Workers
- In order for Guild to exist anywhere, they need to embed themselves into other experiences. This involves Third-Party React Native on the Web and other platforms
- The future of this architecture, where Third-Party UI is the same as First-Party UI