Dive into JavaScript testing with the best talks from 2020/2021

Jan Tomes
Jan Tomes
7 min
03 Aug, 2021

Often overlooked, sometimes under-appreciated, testing is a crucial but difficult part of software delivery. Watch these great talks to ensure your JavaScript code is always spotless and runs smoothly.

Bugs are an essential part of the global ecosystem, but finding them pollinating flowers is much better than finding them crawling through your apps. Errors and glitches can make or break your product, which is why testing is such an important step before shipping. However, JavaScript testing is not a straightforward process, from picking the right approach and tools to identifying the bugs themselves. 

Thankfully, every problem has a solution, and every JS testing approach has a champion willing to share their knowledge. So tune in to the videos below and make your next app as flawless as possible.

Iris Schaffer: Fantastic bugs and where to find them

Every bug is different: some lurk around for months, others appear suddenly after the upgrade of a dependency. Some are introduced us while others other teams or systems. Some are painfully obvious and affect all users, and others only occur in some instances. And the ways of finding and, eventually, preventing them are just as diverse: be it a snapshot, unit, integration, end-to-end or automated visual tests, every kind comes with its challenges and opportunities. 

Testing UIs is hard, but in the end, only test automation can give us the confidence we need to move fast and refactor our code relentlessly. In this talk, Iris Schaffer looks at what kinds of bugs there are, which tests are most effective for catching them, and how we can implement various methods using modern front-end technologies.

Christian Bromann: The evolution of browser automation

In this session, Christian Bromann looks at what's happened behind the scenes in browser automation throughout the years and what the future has in stock for us. You will see how web testing will develop and what challenges this will bring for conventional frameworks like Selenium or WebdriverIO and new frameworks such as Cypress, Puppeteer, and Playwright. Lastly, you will experiment with some new automation capabilities these frameworks provide to test some of the latest web features.

Jessica Sachs: Component testing with Vite, Vue, and Cypress

In this talk Jessica Sachs, you will explore what a developer workflow with Vite, Vue, and Cypress looks like and how fun testing can be. Jessica is a core team member of vue-test-utils, develops at Cypress, and is considered a testing guru the community.

Applitools 🤝 Cypress: State of the union

This is the opening keynote for Front-End Test Fest delivered Angie Jones, Head of Developer Relations at Applitools, and Amir Rustamzadeh, Director of Developer Experience at Cypress. In the video, they look at the upcoming capabilities of Cypress to tame flaky tests and test components along with their guests and discuss the innovative features of Cypress and Applitools. 

You'll learn how they can be used to not only meet but exceed your quality objectives and how component testing, flake detection, and visual testing can significantly enhance your functional, cross-platform, accessibility, and localization quality initiatives.

Tomasz Łakomy: Shipping high-quality JS apps with confidence

Shipping bug-less code to production is — obviously — impossible. But still, users deserve the best experience we can give them, stipulates Tomasz Łakomy in this talk. And he argues that if you gain confidence in the way you build your software, you can sleep better knowing that it won't explode in the middle of the night. 

In this talk, Tomasz covers something he calls The Testing Spectrum, which is a set of tools, practices, and mindset of shipping high-quality code to production.

Bushra Alam: The allure of adding tests to Azure DevOps

Continuous testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline. Teams that use Continuous Testing can catch bugs early and often, resulting in code that is always production-ready. Join Bushra Alam to learn how to integrate your end-to-end tests with Azure DevOps.

Patrick Kunka: Simulating network conditions with JavaScript

When working with video streaming, accurately simulating customer network conditions for development and testing is crucial. In this talk, Patrick Kunka sheds light on using containers and server-side JavaScript to programmatically shape network conditions. 

You'll also learn how to gain valuable insights about the behavior and performance of client-side JavaScript from Adaptive Bitrate video players to entire single-page applications.

7 min
03 Aug, 2021

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